Creator Guidelines

Toybox has a growing community of creators and we want to enable everyone to contribute while at the same time keeping a high quality of toys available in our catalog. To become a creator you can apply at and then take note of the following guidelines.

What are the guidelines for user submitted toys:

  • All toys must print well on all Toyboxes. Toybox has a great catalog where everything prints well from our catalog and it’s important to maintain that. To accomplish this we have to ensure that all pieces of the toys connect together and do not end up flimsy or warped. We also do not depend on slicer generated supports, so that means any model uploaded needs to be completely supported by itself. If your model does not print well in our tests with our basic slicing settings then we will reject it.

  • Avoid any vulgar or inappropriate content. Toybox is primarily a platform for kids so we need to maintain a family friendly environment. This means we cannot allow any vulgar language or models containing realistic looking guns or weapons.


  • You must have permission to share the toy*. There are thousands of models around the internet that you can share and print and we do welcome creators finding them and adding to our platform, but you must follow the terms of use and licenses on any content you find. This will typically involve following the Creative Commons guidelines and mean you have to share a link to the original site and give credit to the original creator. Toybox may also need to restrict certain intellectual property if we have been asked by the owners of it to not allow it on our site.


  • The toy must be unique. We do not want a bunch of the same toys uploaded to our platform so we make sure that each toy is unique. This also means that the toy must be complex enough to make it a worthwhile addition. We will not accept a toy that is just a cube or cylinder, they have to have something unique about them.

Note: If you follow all of these guidelines, Toybox may still make minor corrections to your toy to ensure it is a great experience for the users printing it, and sometimes we may make minor corrections to your model if asked, but that is handled on a case-by-case basis.

* When submitting you validating that you have permission to post the toy and it is your responsibility to ensure you are following any applicable license