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- Toybox 3D Printer with factory warranty

- 1 Rolls of Printer Food

- 5000 Bolts

- 1 Month of Toybox Plus Membership

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  • “What’s better than a toy? A toy that makes toys…that’s mesmerizing for kids and grownups alike.”
  • as seen on shark tank logo “Products like this are really great because they inspire kids to design and develop.”
  • "The only 3D printer that children can use immediately and intuitively"
  • “Remarkable ease of use…the well-designed app and website encourages deep exploration into design.”

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Tons of toys

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Printer Specs

Over 10,000,000 Toys Printed

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    Kids love it!

Mireya B.
We just tried our TOYBOX today. My son is 8 years old and after initial set-up he was off and running. It's FANTASTIC. He tried a quick sword to start off but then wanted to build a Block Buddy. It came out so detailed, so solid. He's thrilled. I'm thrilled. His dad is thrilled. Finally a "toy" that feels like quality and worth the price. Thank you to the entire team at TOYBOX. You guys are rock stars!!

Courtney B.
My daughter is completely blind so while she can't see models to select and print, you have given her a feature she has never had before: she can feel her own drawings. She can draw something, print it, and then feel what she drew. That's so wonderful. And then there is the picture printing capability. I have printed pictures of things and let her feel the raised areas so she can understand what something looks like. 

John A.
I’ve had so much fun working with my Ss on a 3D printer that I wanted to be able to share the fun with my kids at home so I got them a @RealToyboxLabs 3D printer for Christmas. Affordable, small, and designed for kids and mine love it! They play “3D print shop” regularly now!

Jake Y.
I cannot recommend or rate this product any higher, I am completely impressed. MY KIDS LOVED IT!! The Toybox 3D printer is a very accessible way to introduce young people to CAD, CNC, engineering and design. We love it! the user interface is well thought out. The machine works great. What a great way for young people to make something personal for our family members who are so far away from us during this challenging time.


Toybox is designed from the ground up for entertainment and ease-of-use. We enable kids to 3D print their own toys by providing an intuitive interface and a rich selection of high quality toys and content. By giving children the ability to create their own toys on the fly, we enable them to create richer adventures and stories with their toys.

Yes. Toybox allows you to import models from the internet or even your own creations. You can import models in STL, OBJ, and gCode formats.

No. You can import models from other platforms, and you can also use other 1.75mm PLA filament. However, our Printer Food Rolls are Toybox's favorite, and we cannot guarantee that Toybox won't get sick from other rolls.

Our Printer Food rolls are with PLA. We only sell PLA rolls because it's non-toxic and is a renewable corn based plastic.

Yes, Toybox can be plugged into any outlet that is within 100V-240V.

No. The Creator Space is a suite of apps and tools that allow you to easily create your own inventions. You can also import models from the internet or even import models that you have created with a computer-aided design tool (CAD).

Yes. You can print directly from our website www.make.toys/toys. Just make sure you log in to the same account your printer is connected to, or connect the printer to the account that you log into from the website.

Yes. Toybox allows you to import models from the internet or even your own creations. You can import models in STL, OBJ, and gCode formats.

You can import your own models by navigating to the Creator Space and hitting the import button.

The platform currently supports STL, OBJ, and gCode.

This really depends on what you are printing. You can printer around 500 cat rings, or 8 full size action figures per roll. We recommend printing things in different colors to make it more fun.

Printing time is completely dependent on the geometry of the model being printed. For example, a small ninja star could take less than 5 minutes because it's thin. On the other hand, larger models take longer. A Block Buddy could take up to 4 hours because it has a lot of different moving parts.

Toybox Plus it completely optional. Without a subscription, you still have access the Creator Space and to thousands of toys in our catalog. Toybox Plus has awesome perks like exclusive toys, discounts and much more!

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