Toybox is a great way to have fun and continue your child's at education

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More Than Just Toys

Enhance your child's at-home learning with an incredibly engaging and fun educational tool. Instantly print from a large collection of ready-made models or design you own one-of-a-kind creations.

Simple Machines
Experiment with simple and compound machines, like pulleys, levers, screws, and gears, in a hands-on way.
Biology & Chemistry

Bring to life the biggest of animals and dinosaurs and the smallest of molecules, cells, and DNA.

Arts & History
Time travel around the world and experience artifacts and architecture, like the Colosseum and London Bridge.

Mom of 4 and 10 year old

I was surprised to see how fast my kid could start building. We had it working out of the box and this has been a great learning activity for the whole family.


Dad of 8 year old

As a homeschooler, we always are looking for unique hands-on activities for my daughter. Toybox knocked it out of the park with the learn-by-play model.
Creative Expression

Toybox builds critical STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) skills as you creatively problem solve through your designs, explorations, and play.

Learn by Doing

Toybox teaches design-centric thinking with the freedom to ideate, prototype, and test your creations. You can go from imagination to real-life experiences in never before ways.

Feel Good Technology

Toybox is full of cool tech, but most importantly it promotes physical play. It's child safe operation, non-toxic materials, and biodegradable plastics ensure that it's not only good for the mind, but also good for the environment.

Fun and Easy to Use


Toybox Delux Bundle

Includes everything you need to get started

  • 1 Toybox 3D Printer
  • 8 Colors of Printer Food ($80 Value)
  • 1 EZ-Peel Bed
  • Free 500+ Digital Toy Catalog
  • Free Creator Space access

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